Meet: Bethany Potter


Friends who craft together, laugh together and there’s no craft [and thrift and IKEA] buddy better than Bethany! We met back at the Burrow. I was in #4, having a blast when Bethany moved into #2. My first glimpses of her were with her parents who’d helped her move in. Then a couple days went by and I’d almost forgotten our new neighbor until I was walking down the main hall. It has a window at the end that faces the backyard where she sat adorably. Did I mention I was naked? Is this a dream? Nope. I was walking down my hall in the buff…as I like to do…with the window open to the world…cause I hate blinds. [And it was a private yard, you know, I’m not just struttin for the masses here, people!]


Okay, so I put clothes on and we hung out in the yard, like, every day until I moved in with Honeybee. I’m so lucky I still get to hang in that glorious backyard and Bethany’s made all sorts of improvements to make it her own including installing and cat house for the stray[s] she adopted, a fire pit and she’s not only kept the garden going, but added veggies, too!

I’m beaming, I’m so glad. Ladies, gentlemen, Meet: Bethany


Bri: State your name for the record please.

Beth: Bethany Lynn Potter

Bri: One more time, please.

Beth: B as in boy Bethany’s awesome. E as in everybody loves Bethany. T is today is Bethany’s UN-birthday!

Bri: Do you know why you’re being interviewed today?

Beth: Have anything to do the with the blog?

Bri: Yes! It’s for the Meet: section, its the section of the blog where I interview friends who I think are awesome and who I’d want to share with the world. It’s important to share that there are amazing people out there who may not blog about their lives, but they’re awesome all day long. That’s you. And for the record Garrett Q. Olsen is here as well.


Bri: Such a name!

Garrett: That’s me. Thug life.

Bri: I’m pretty sure if we got caught up in a heist, you could be the driver.

Garrett: That depends on…no. Not a good idea.

Hilarity ensues

Bri: So Bethany, what do you do for livings? Multiple livings.

Beth: I went to school for general fine art at first, then I went into photography and focused on that. My senior year there was a super cute graphic design teacher who’d I’d go to visit whoever else I knew in his class. He taught me digital imaging and graphic design until I eventually signed up. Those skills have helped me reign in all the raw talent into a more profitable package.

Bri: How do you use those skills outside of work?

Beth: I make fun shit! It comes in handy for birthdays and Christmas gifts but they always come back for more!

Bri: What’s your favorite thing you’ve made as a gift?

Beth: An acid etched mirror for an old friend. The technique was good, but what made it special was all the things included that were personal to him. Symbolic images of places we’d been and his birthday. We live far apart now, but every time I see him he says, “I still get a ton of compliments on your mirror.” I have a slide of it somewhere. I should show you those slides some time! I’ve worked in clay and I really like to make books. I’m not into the Kindle stuff, the technology, it’s okay, but it seperates you a little from the process of the medium. I love the tactile experience. I like the smell of ink, the feel of the pages. And in particular I like leather bound books.


[Here’s Bethany after the Tour de Franzia mini bike race.]

Bri: Ooh me too! Leather bound and gold liefed are my favorite!

Beth: Same!

And just then one of the strays Bethany cares for, Mr. Kitty jumps down from a fence posts and scratches at the sprayer nearby.

Beth: Hey, that’s my hose kitty! Back up off my hose!

Fit of Giggles

Bri: Silly kitty.

Bethany I love to take care of things that can’t help themselves but it doesn’t always translate to people.

Bri: Pssht! I think you take care of people. You’re the one always making sure everyone has birthday cake.

Beth: I thought other people had yours handled!

Bri: I know, but for other people!

Beth: Did I tell you I’m working on this project for my mom? I’m hacking an IKEA cabinet door and adding hooks for a jewelry display. That’ll be cool!

Bri: Fun!

Beth: It’s funny, my mom always says I’m wasting my talents. She says I should be working for Hallmark. To which I respond, “Mom, you’ve seen my photos. They’re all a bit dark and scary. Do you think Hallmark has a goth department?”

Bri: Have you thought about opening your own business and doing your own…thing? [I’m so eloquent]

Beth: I don’t know. You can’t just draw butterflies for a living. Art for art’s sake doesn’t mean as much now that more people are aware of others’ sturggles on a day to day basis. I think it’s more important that art have some sort of concept. To bring more awareness.

Bri: Focusing putting enjergy into projects that surround you. I love that.

Beth: I just redid my bedroom with more colors and satin and feels so good! I’ve got this red and black thing going on, and I don’t know why. Maybe because they’re colors found less in nature. But they look so damn great next to everything! I had a photo editor professor who told us, “if you don’t know what you’re gonna do, make it big or make it red. If you make it big AND red there’s gonna be talk!” Hah! I’ve had really great teachers and very supportive parents which helps so much.

Garrett: Marshmellows?

Bri: Yes please! [Did I mention we’re having this chat by the fireside? Cozy and warm.] While I’m toasting, tell me more, what else to do you love?

Beth: I love trying new things! Variety is so important. There’s very few things I infinitely love: kitties no matter how mangled or beaten. I’d probably love it more.

Bri: What’s another infininte love?

Beth: without hesitation, CHOCOLATE.

Bethany and I share a love of Chocolove’s Sea Salt and Almond

Beth: Halloween! My favorite holiday and my birthday is in early October so I celebrate all month. Let’s go dancing!

Bri: Yes, girl! I love to shake my booty!

Beth: I get all my dance moves from you. Mmhm. You’re my dance role model!

Bri: Haha I doubt it! Although I did once have a guy at a gay bar come up to me and say, “Omg, just watching you dance is so freeing. I feel so gay!” and walked away. It was a meaninful night.


[Bethany when we first, first met. Note the killer wrist warmers.]

And Bethany knows a little something about a meaningful night. Our interview took place over a month ago, so yesterday was Bethany’s birthday! She ordered a party bus and we had a blast! Many thanks to “Daniel” the pig-tailed wonder, our driver extraordinaire! I only fell twice: once due to the crazy steps beings slippery but I was able to clasp the stripper pole by the door which then forced me into a nice little twirl. Daniel said I had excellent form. And twice, when we hit a bump and someone knocked me over. Not bad. No injuries. We got home at 5am. That’s what I’m talking about!


Big thanks to Bethany for sharing her awesomeness. She’s much of a behind the camera type, so I extra double appreciate it. I predict many more memorable nights and fun projects.



Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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