Resin Rising

I love sharing bits of bobs of projects on Facebook. One time I asked if anyone wanted a custom piece and my friend Jason immediately responded. Unfortunately at the time, he didn’t have $ in the budget for custom artwork. Right around then, on the old blog I hosted a contest for a custom piece and Jason was picked by the randomizer!

To give me a clue as to what to paint and what to paint it on, the contest entrants were instructed to choose between the following prompts: Wintery or volcanic? Silk or tweed? Landscape, still life or abstract? Archival quality canvas paper or unframed gallery canvas?

Jason chose volcanic, tweed, still life and canvas, so I set to work. Wintery versus volcanic was the color story. Volcanic means warm. Silk or tweed is all about texture. Jason wanted it rough. Still life, which is my biggest challenge and gallery canvas.

Resin Rising 10 in. x 12 in. Oil paint on Canvas.


I love the way the resin just floats out of that little pipe on the bottom. Up close it almost looks glazed.

Thanks for peeking into my portfolio. I’ve got another custom piece in the works. Here’s a hint, it involves smashing a ukulele. Fun!



Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.


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