Year One

This Sunday marks one year of marriage to Matt Wray. It was a month or so after our wedding when I finally posted a Walla Walla Wedding. And well, if this is what one year feels like, our 20 year anniversary will be in an hour or so. Time just flies.

I’ve never been so happy, or loved, or appreciative. I try to thank him for his efforts and he insists that loving me requires no effort at all, that it’s his pleasure. He works hard at his day job, then works hard into the evenings making music and making me smile. He calls his mom, dad and grandma every week so that they know they’re loved and missed. He is always clever, always buried in a book, always mindful and helpful. He’s an excellent potter, painter and partner.

Love like that makes you want to improve everyday. Love like that makes you wish everyone had love like that.

So, this weekend I’m taking this fellow out on an adventure. We’re off to Portland to have ourselves a look-see. To bask in the waterfront, the doughnuts and maybe a little romance.

Have a lovely weekend!

wedding day

Mr & Mrs Wray



*images by Jared Wade of Jared Wade Photography for Sunshine Press/Wrays of Sunshine

Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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