Travel: Portland in Pictures

This past weekend Matt, Bethany, Garrett and I headed out to Seattle’s sister city, Portland. Bethany and Garrett were hitching a ride to meet up with family on the beach. Matt and I were celebrating our anniversary and I tell ya, a good time was had by all. 

We rode into town hungry, so our first stop was finding yummy food. We wandered around Couch St pronouncing it wrong like the tourists we were. It wasn’t until I overheard someone else saying it right that I remembered that was a thing. Coosh, people. Bethany couldn’t wait, she had to have maple bacon doughnuts from Voodoo immediately. The line must’ve been really long, too, because she didn’t return until after we’d ordered, eaten and left Barbati. Usually I don’t order burgers at restaurants because they’re $10 or more and don’t taste anywhere near as good as my Honeybee’s. This one, though, was delicious at $7. Barbati gets two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Barbati Bar

Honeybee’s hangry face=still handsome.

Handsome Husband

The vibe walking around was odd, but cool. There were lots of people, throngs even, but it still felt quiet and empty. We were really in the Couch district for the arcade, though. Have you been to Ground Kontrol? It’s incredible. Two levels of every single game you’ve heard of. Dr Mario, well, all the Marios, really. Alien vs Predator. Galaga. That was just on the first floor as seen below. The second floor was all pin ball machines.

Ground Kontrol arcade

After that we dropped Bethany and Garrett off at their hotel and made our way to our host’s house. We used, which is sort of like Airbnb, but for community instead of money, to find a local to stay with. Brian was an awesome host and buddy to hang with. He lived in this charming little house just a quick walk from the Alberta district with roses and daisies in front. He had an amazing chess set from Zimbabwe and other African accents in his home.

Couchsurfing abode

Brian took us for a long walk all over Alberta where there was literally too much cute to keep track of. Live music and beautiful pastries. A mixed media mermaid mural. I was just wondering what to do with old cds! Loads of cute shops such as Ampersand.

Farther along we found the ourselves at the back entrance of Kennedy School where we encountered a secret garden and a crazy sharp pineapple-ish tree. Kennedy School is an old school that the fine folks at McMenamins rehabilitated into a hotel, theatre, community pool, garden, gym, venue, 5 restaurants and like 3 bars. Their gardens actually grow the food they cook! Could you get more Pacific Northwest? No, you couldn’t. Talk about one stop entertainment! We had so much fun that we decided to stay for dinner and a movie.

On our walk back to Brian’s we saw the ghost of posters past.

Ghosts of Posters Past

The next morning Brian made us french toast with raspberries fresh from his garden. So yummy! He was off to walk in the Pride Parade while we packed up and headed to Council Crest. Council Crest Park is usually a gorgeous place to have some introspective thinking time. When you whisper your heart, it echoes in your ears as if you’ve just man-grunted THIS IS SPARTA.

Unfortunately there was wedding party planning their ceremony, so we didn’t get to have much quiet time. But it was growing darker and more rainy by the minute so we hit the road. We were a couple of day-trippers. On our way home we stopped at the Oak Tree for a delicious brunch.

Oak Tree Casino & Restaurant Up the Oak Tree

Before we knew it, we were back in Seattle with another great adventure under our belts. It’s been the most amazing year and I have this sweet fella to thank.

Handsom Husband, Matt

And thank you for joining us in our travels. Can’t wait to see Bethany & Garrett’s pictures from Canon Beach! Where are you heading to these days? Any trips planned? Stay-cations count!




Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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