Drink Menu: Mischief Whiskey & Ginger

Whiskey gingers are my go-to cocktail for checking out new clubs or bars. If you can’t make a classic, I can’t commit. And so it goes. These days I’d rather invite friends over and play bartender myself. Tim, the friendly fellow at our local Liquor & Wine shop suggests a whiskey so close to home, it could’ve taken a bus. If whiskey could take a bus. Mischief Whiskey is brewed right down in Fremont and I had to try it. I was all set to beeline for the Canada Dry when I saw a label so cute it drew me in. Tim said Bundaberg’s is the ginger beer all the ginger purists go for these days. Yes, we have those. I love Seattle. So I thought I’d go all the way. Here’s how I make ’em.

Mischief & Bundabergs

Whiskey Ginger


Mischief Whiskey. Cucumber slices frozen for at least 3 hours in ice-cube tray. Fresh ginger zest. Bundaberg’s Ginger Beer. Frosted glass. 3 lime wedges (2 for juice, 1 for garnish).

I absolutely love the way the slight cucumber flavor becomes more pronounced as you drink and things melt.

Mischief & Bundaberg




Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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