Links of Gratitude


As far as I can tell I went to bed perfectly well and woke up somewhere around 3am sick. Guess I’m not surprised since Matt got sick earlier in the week and I can’t help but dote until he feels better (almost), but it did/does feel a little all of a sudden. As a generally sound sleeper, with a greater propensity toward oversleeping than under, it was baffling to be wrestled awake for the sake of useless coughing. And more and more coughing until Matt’s eyes darted open, too, and I could tell he felt bad for giving me the sickness. Despite still being under the weather himself, he jumped up to get me medicine and water.

Now I’m a tough cookie when the situation calls for it. It’s a defensive mechanism, I suppose. When an emergency happens near me my brain quick-switches into must be productive mode. I determine the best plan of action and take no breaks for questions or emotions until the job is done. It’s who I am. The first example of this that comes to mind is that warm summer day when a bunch of my friends had populated our backyard (back at the Burrow) and my friend, Lilly, had a seizure. Everyone snapped into either definite function or utter horror. Hands outstretched and caught her before she hit the ground while others’ jaws just dropped and there they stood. My cell phone was in hand dialing 911, while I gave instructions to clean up, grab towels, get water, find her medicine, etc. It wasn’t until the firemen arrived that I could actually begin to process how close I’d been to losing a friend. That’s when all my problem-solving falls aside and I can feel again.

See but there was no emergency to react to this morning. There was just an overwhelming hopelessness. This cold was going to have its way with me and there was nothing I could do except cough quietly and try not to wake Matt or the cat who’d nestled herself on my belly. Mm not gonna happen. We were all awake just looking at each other. The kitty purring and making biscuits, Matt stroking my hair. Something in that moment reminded me how thankful I am for a great many things in life.

Things I’m grateful for:

Hope you’re feeling okay. Don’t let me breathe on you. You’ll get the cooties for sure.




Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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