An Outstanding Nightstand

Outstanding Nightstand

I have a confession, y’all, and I’m coming clean. I love interiors. I swim in living rooms, am tempted by tile, dance in doorways and marvel at molding. All of it! I comb the internet for the design blogs and there are so many great ones out there. What I’m seeing is a lot of awesome families that buy homes and improve upon them. What I’m not seeing is people on the come-up, temporary spaces on the road to dream home, where you can’t necessarily skim coat. And even less so do I see someone with the sort of living space we’ve got going on here. We live in a great Victorian style home that features gorgeous crown molding in every space except ours. Don’t get it twisted, we love our affordable rent down here, but we need some solutions for what to do when you live in dreary land  Seattle and there’s only so much light that’s gonna shine down here. It’s dramatically different from what I was used to living at the Burrow. There, too, was a basement, but it was extra tall with big windows in every room. It’s not like that here, friends. Not the case. Not only that, but we’re creative types. We have a large bedroom, a bathroom and a huge creative/jam space for making music and art. It’s awesome but it’s underrepresented. So, I’m gonna share a few projects here and there on my quest to make this space awesome.

An Outstanding Nightstand

I need your help. I found this adorable nightstand at Value Village. It was $15. And your girl had a coupon for 30% off! I felt like I snuck away with all the cookies from the cookie jar at that price, but alright. Previously I’d had that lace one which was cute, but was really supposed to be a stop-gap measure until I found something that wasn’t an IKEA filing cabinet hand-me-down. So I’ve got this new one and I didn’t want to rush into deciding what to do with it. Refinishing found treasures is another passion of mine. Choosing the right thing and doing it well, that’s fun for me. I went ahead and got rid of the lace one so I could live with this one in it’s—shall we call it—shabby chic state until a decision could be made.

What do you think? Do you think the shabby chic works or should I paint it? And if I do paint, should I go for a more distressed look or crisp? What color? The possibilities, people! It’s currently painted an off-white with a gold at the edges and in all the seams. There are a few spots of what looks like nail polish splattered about. I haven’t tried to remove them, but that’s what’s making me lean toward paint.

Logically, it seems appropriate to judge the space by what surrounds it except I’ve just about had it with my current dresser which lives to the right of the nightstand. It’s a bit too tall for me and I’m ready to find something lower and longer for more Sunshine-appropriate storage. Once the big, long dresser is in I’ll likely have to move the art around. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. In the meantime, please take mah poll!

Thank you! And have yourself a lovely day, hot stuff.



Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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