Seattle Sights: International District

This summer I made it a goal to aimlessly wander the city more often. D’you ever do that? Just wander around taking pictures of cute shit? It’s like a free vacation! Here are a few pictures from a recent scampering around the ID. We visited Uwajimaya, the beautiful train station and the park. We found some amethyst tiles that once lit the Seattle underground. So much delicious smelling tea. And the police were mounted.

Honeybee Climbing

You’re really not supposed to take pictures at Uwajimaya, but I did, but a lot of them were too dark. Boo.

Just as we were leaving, I had to snap a photo of the modern, fireproof Bush Hotel. What more could you want in a hotel? Nothing, that’s what.


Would you call yourself a scamper, or prefer having a plan when you visit different parts of the city? I love that the international district seems to fit art right alongside functionality. Sure that sculpture is incredible, but you can also sit on it. Rather than the usual bustle of buskers and homeless downtown, the ID seemed to have only a few street musicians such as the hammer dulcimer player above. Seattle boasts so many different perspectives all in one awesome city, all one bus ride away.

Thanks for adventuring with Honeybee and me!




Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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