August Happenings

It started off heavy with drudgery. A coworker of mine was out for two weeks recovering from shoulder surgery, so the first week of August was pretty quiet around here. I assure you, my ass was TIRED! But working those extra hours will help pay for projects and all sorts of good things, so it was worth it.

I was accepted to the University of Washington and toured the campus for our orientation. It was so lovely I had to share. Thank you for all the kind words!

You may know a certain boxed brand that claims to have the cheesiest, but I beg to differ. Try my Hearty Party Mac & Cheese and tell me what you think.

For the first time ever on Wrays of Sunshine, I put together a poll to see what you suggest I do for this nightstand. The verdict was a 50/50 split between keeping the gold inlays and leaving it like it is. Guess you guys are as undecided as me. Right on. I’ll continue doing nothing until I’m passionate about changing it.

Outstanding Nightstand


With some coaxing from friends and relatives I’ve worked up the courage to take you along with me on this natural hair journey first mentioned last month. I figure it’ll be awesome to go back years from now and chart the evolution of the curl. You’ll notice it’s up in the menu bar for quick finding. I was already two months deep, so this month makes three. After practically overdosing on Youtube videos and blogs, I emerged from the internet to share my favorite natural hair resources to date as well as some progress photos. I’ve yet to come up with a full on plan, but I’m thinking about it. One thing I do know is my hair is way happier already. It’s stronger, softer and just generally cooler so I feel like a winner. Thanks for all the support and love, you guys. You guys!


We wandered the International District and had a blast chowing down on cream puffs at Beard Papa’s. Can’t go wrong there. Then we pretty much scooted ourselves outta town and tried our best to appreciate the last of Seattle summer. The sun is setting at like 7 these days, a far cry from May and June’s 10pm daylight. That’s okay, though. With September comes fall, fall fashion, school, and loads more all new adventures.

See you there, stud!




Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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