Style 4: LBD at KEXP

I approach each style post as a fun challenge to collaborate and embrace fabulousness. This time around I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Nataliya Ivanova at the KEXP wall. If you haven’t heard, KEXP is one of the only truly listener-powered radio stations left in America. I can personally say John Richards has gotten me through many a morning. Thank you, sir, so very much. We’re talkin’ Seattle staple here. Classic. Driving into downtown from the north definitely won’t be same once KEXP moves to Seattle Center and presumably takes its killer wall with it. As soon as I heard, a photo shoot became the immediate plan.


This flower clip is my favorite accessory! It never fails to brighten my mood and I receive the nicest compliments about it. If you’d like your own, check out our new site, CatFightCraft. Bethany and I have been building and crafting our little fingers to the bone. More on that later, but feel free to make fascinator/hair clip requests there! We love to customize. I call this one the Showstopper.

Style 4: LBD @ KEXP

If you know me, you know I’m all about a big ass purse. Inside there’s all sorts of goodies, both the helpful and whimsical kind.

Style 4: LBD @ KEXP

Little Black Dress: Gabby Skye (Marshall’s). Hair clip: CatFightCraft Belt: H&M. Bag: Style & Co. Shoes: Naturalizer (thrifted).

Another great style post complete. Thanks a million, Nataliya! Not only is this lady great to work with, but her attention to detail is inspiring. See more of her great pictures here. And thank you Wrays of Sunshine posse for checkin me out.



Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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