Lyons Ferry

The older I get, the more I appreciate nature. Not that the woods weren’t always my favorite place, they were, but the love has grown somehow. Lyons Ferry goes way back in the Wray family. Grandma would bring Matt and his brothers here. As we made our way there, I was frightened baffled by how completely unmarked these roads were. No streetlights for miles. Not even signs. Nothing. The way must’ve been ingrained in Papa for years and years, the way he was driving that big ol’ pick up. Good times.

Road to Lyons Ferry

Upon arrival we set up shop, which was basically just moving a table over to the shade and setting up our picnic chairs. Setting up shop for Uncle Kevin meant grabbing the tackle box and fishing poles, then beelining toward the shore. He wasn’t happy until he caught some yellow-bellies (catfish). Luckily I caught him after just afterward. He sweetly donated all his catch to a family nearby who couldn’t seem to get a bite.

Uncle Kevin at Lyons Ferry

Not long after Grandma Jo and Grandpa Rod arrived. These two are pros at Lyons Ferry. They talked about the history of the Native American burial ground across the river. Grandma had packed the most incredible fixin’s for sandwiches. Yum!

Native Burial Ground

Native Americans had lived at this particular part of the Snake River for thousands of years before Lewis & Clark “discovered” it on their journey in 1805. A pulley system had been constructed at the narrowest part of the river to ferry fisherman across. And it’s still there.

There are all sorts of birdwatching spots in the area, but I captured this guy from the beach. Does anyone know what type of tree this is? I was drawn to it because from a distance it seemed to have ribbon in it. Upon closer inspection I find these giant pea pods. Like, more than ten inches long. Wild and beautiful.

Birds at Lyons Ferry Ribbon Tree at Lyons Ferry Park at Lyons Ferry

Anytime you get this cast of characters together, there’s going to be music. Matt and Papa played harmonica and I plunked around on the guitar. Grandpa Rod knows exactly how to chill.

Thanks for adventuring with us! Fall is coming, you guys. Get out there and soak up that sun while you can. What trips are you finishing up these days? Or are you already hunkering down for a long winter?



Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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