Introducing CatFightCraft

I’m really excited to share a project that’s been in the making for months. Bethany and I have been making and doing, cutting and crafting. We’ve emerged to proudly bring you, CatFightCraft! Find us on FacebookPinterest, Instagram, our site and Etsy! We’re all over the place. Boom, baby!

Teal Flower Clip

CFC brings together our penchant for making accessories and fine art by hand in an effort to better our environment. For me, it’s just fun to watch a cult classic like Princess Bride and busy our hands carving and printing or cutting and sewing. The thing about handmade items is while some things you’d enjoy doing yourself, others you just can’t. You may not have access to power tools or time to put things together, so we’ve opened up a shop where you can buy home decor and fashion accessories created by our  practiced hands. So far there are wallets and leather bracelets up. I love how slim these wallets are. Matt has one and he’s able to keep his cash, ID and debit cards in his back pocket without obstructing my view of his cute butt. Victory. Anyway, we’re just getting started, but soon you’ll find our hair clips and fascinators available, too! Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

wallet cropped-cropped-featured1

What’s in a Name?

We don’t really cat fight, rather Bethany and I have complimentary, but different eyes for aesthetics. When given the same tools and supplies, we each do something the other loves, but didn’t think of. When we work together, our skills combine into something even greater. Our blog is where you’ll find the newest inspiration and processes behind what’s in our shop. We’ll also share recipes and how-to projects as well.

Which Wray Did She Go?

Heh, see what I did there? I’ll still be posting here at Wrays of Sunshine, don’t worry. Same line-up. Any posts on CFC will be entirely new content. So, if you’ve ever wanted to find my writing elsewhere, boom, there it will be.

So, check us out! We love to do custom orders. Leave a comment if there’s a hair clip, wallet or bracelet you’d like to request.

Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.


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