Papa’s Garden

Did I ever tell you about Matt’s dad? Around these parts he’s known as Papa and he’s got the best garden in Walla Walla. Every time I’m there it’s the best time so I thought I’d share some views of his yard.

Inside the garden there are tomatoes, heirloom cucumbers, garlic and a sweet bird house.

Since the backyard faces West, Papa gets some gorgeous sunsets. He chose flowers that could take full sun for several hours. Naturally the sunflowers soak those rays up! I think they’re really pretty when they’re fresh and blooming, but when they start to wilt I find them even more alluring. Their decay is artful.

Weeping Sunflower

I love how all the flowers are so open. It’s as though they’re trying to catch ALL the sunshine!

Apparently these flowers need very little supervision. Papa said he planted one and they just spread all over a corner of the yard. I’ll have to get some, maybe I won’t kill ’em.


There among the flowers and herbs is Papa’s kitty, Catmandoon. He’s a very regal kitty who enjoys the finest pets.

Well, you guys, bookmark this page for some summertime eye candy when the winter gets tough. We’ve got a few weeks left before fall officially arrives, but it’s already chilly out in Seattle. Time to break out the sweaters.




Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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