Progress Report

It is just me or is it whirlwindy outside? Besides the wacky weather, it seems entire days are disappearing in minutes and there are about 30 more things I was hoping to do before today was over. But I’m also more sporting toned cheeks from all the smiles lately, so I’m not looking a whirlwind in the mouth. Little victories. CAT FIGHT CRAFT’s business is booming and we’re running this creative business. We’re actually doing it, and by “it” I mean creating something that we love,  and that’s a dream come true. More on that later. School is awesome, too. I have great, albeit not perfect, grades and today I did something scary. You know when something makes your stomach churn, because it requires more than most and you just know you have to go for it? I know you know. I beat that little fear monster today, by way of asking for genuine, real-world critique on my work from my professor. It was an incredible opportunity reevaluate the overarching idea behind all the art I make, the content I create here and what we do at CFC. Ooh. That feels good. Thanks, Claire! Unfortunately, we talked so long I missed my other class. And went all day (until 5:30pm) without eating anything. Which I try not to do. Anyway, the day was a victory and it’s not over yet.

Like I said, 30 more things…



Fall Color

Further celebrating having lived in Seattle for 5 years now, I thought I’d bring you along and a walk with me and Honeybee. We had ourselves a mini-adventure walking from our house in Greenwoodish-Ballardish-Phinney-Ridgeish-land to Fremont. Well, upper Fremont, as they say. Whoever they are.

Secret Stairs over Ballard

It’s so beautiful this time of year. The light coming off the sun is just warmer and naturally quaint. It’s like you’re living in a Instagram filter. I love it! Dahlias are my 2nd favorite flower. They’re pretty much cornering the market on natural gradients and I’m loving every minute of it! And what the heck is this tree barnacle thing? Anyone?

So we’re walking along, right, and then we see these giant, out-of-contol-huge, like cyclopean sunflowers. I told Matt to put his big man hand in there for reference. The punkins were basically unimpressive after that.

Cyclopean Sunflowers

Fremont Peak Park has this lovely moon phase chart at its entry. Splendid. It also boasts a great view over Ballard.


If you know like I know, spiders are in your periphery right now. They’re fastidious architects, zooming around designing and building. The other day I saw one so big it made me say “wuguh” like an old cartoon car horn. That big. This one’s smaller, but no less noticeable from the sidewalk.



Thanks for taking a walk around and enjoying some Seattle sights with us. Living in a place where you’re surrounded by secret staircases, lush greens, great views and crawly critters is a luxury we appreciate and definitely try not to take for granted. Where’s the beauty in your world these days?



5 Years

..ago today, I got on a plane that would make its way to Seattle. I came for the music, the abundance of musicians, for the coffee and for the schools. And adventure. And change. Sometimes you just have to change, be it your scenery or your outlook. In this case, both. Turns out there was literally everything I wanted, right here—literally just chillin in Fremont. To celebrate, I’m sharing the most important things I’ve learned here.

Matt & Bri

Thing one: Love is easy when you’re loving the right one. But even easy isn’t always easy. My Honeybee recently had surgery and, lemme tell you, watching him get wheeled away was tough. Sometimes the hardest thing about love is fearing you’ll lose it. But it’s always worth it.

Thing two: There is so much beauty in the world, but you’ll never see it if you don’t look. I’m a natural daydreamer, so I make an effort to see some (external) beauty. To wander around and admire what’s near you.

Thing three: Make something. I’ve learned that if you’re going to do something, it should be something you love and/or something that makes you feel good. I notice I feel better when I’ve tried my best and when I do, it’s usually far better than I thought.

Thing four: If there were time I could lose days to the vivid imaginaries. That’s what drives me to reflect and create. I’m so thankful to be here, 5 years smarter, 5 years happier.

So this next year I’m pushing harder. The goal: the make my daydreams come true. What are you dreaming of these days?




Beautiful Words

Image by © Philippe Body/Hemis/Corbis
Image by © Philippe Body/Hemis/Corbis

I’m home with a tummy ache today, but still deep in study. The architecture of Ancient India and Southeast Asia are tied so closely with the emerging religious beliefs of the time that you cannot study one without the other. That’s how I happened upon the beautiful words of Bhagavad Gita (as translated by Sir Edwin Arnold):

Never the spirit was born; the spirit shall cease to be never

Never was time it was not; End and Beginning are dreams!

Birthless and deathless and changeless remaineth the spirit for ever;

Death hath not touched it at all, dead though the house of it seems!

Who knoweth it exhaustless, self-sustained, Immortal , indestructible, –shall such say, “I have killed a man, or caused to kill?”

Nay, but as when one layeth his worn-out robes away.

And, taking new ones, sayeth, “These will I wear to-day!”

So putteth by the spirit lightly its garb of flesh,

And passeth to inherit a residence afresh.

Isn’t that the most beautiful sentiment you’ve heard all day? And the Kandariya Mahadeva Temple is making me want to carve reliefs everywhere forever. Up all the columns, down all the streets.




Get Busy

Golden Gardens.jpeg

It’s one of those moments where I’m both overjoyed and overwhelmed. This is my favorite time of year for the beauty alone, but there’s also a part of me that loves being challenged. Sometimes it’s a deadline or time constraint, others it’s a confusing assignment, or even new responsibilities that evoke the feeling. Challenges like these make me feel good-tired at the end of the day. And I’m glad, too, cause there’s no better time to have this realization than when in school, with a new a job and starting a new business. It’s been a long time since I could say everywhere I went in a day was a place that uplifted me, and that everything I did that day was in the very awesome present, yet for the future, but I can now! Turns out learning and encouragement are great! How about that.

What are you up to, boo?