Progress Report

It is just me or is it whirlwindy outside? Besides the wacky weather, it seems entire days are disappearing in minutes and there are about 30 more things I was hoping to do before today was over. But I’m also more sporting toned cheeks from all the smiles lately, so I’m not looking a whirlwind in the mouth. Little victories. CAT FIGHT CRAFT’s business is booming and we’re running this creative business. We’re actually doing it, and by “it” I mean creating something that we love,  and that’s a dream come true. More on that later. School is awesome, too. I have great, albeit not perfect, grades and today I did something scary. You know when something makes your stomach churn, because it requires more than most and you just know you have to go for it? I know you know. I beat that little fear monster today, by way of asking for genuine, real-world critique on my work from my professor. It was an incredible opportunity reevaluate the overarching idea behind all the art I make, the content I create here and what we do at CFC. Ooh. That feels good. Thanks, Claire! Unfortunately, we talked so long I missed my other class. And went all day (until 5:30pm) without eating anything. Which I try not to do. Anyway, the day was a victory and it’s not over yet.

Like I said, 30 more things…



Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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