October, We Barely Knew Ye

Oh, were you looking for October? Sorry, love. It’s gone. It’s already gone!

Presenting the month’s posts here at Wrays of Sunshine in a round-up format really helps me wrap my mind around how quickly the time flies. And October is a special edition because it’s my favorite time of year and it’s my Seattle-versary! Five years I’ve been exploring the wild, wild (Pacific North) West and it’s clear this city suits me. Five years I’ve been blogging the dream. I’m surrounded by and creating music and visual, sometimes wearable, art; appreciating the now while planning for the future. And I love it!

Early on I was on a mission to get busy and I’m happy to report the mission is accomplished. For now.

Golden Gardens

Actually it was while I was busy studying when I happened upon these beautiful words. Architecture is so such a powerful thing to appreciate and study. It costs so much and demands so much time and care that it really shows what mattered most to a country in time so far away. I try to imagine what life was like somewhere between the Tigris and Euphrates gossiping about whether this whole written word thing was gonna catch on. Can you imagine?

Canopy of Trees

Then all of a sudden it was my 5 YEAR Seattlerversary which is a big holiday in my book because I’ve learned so much and have truly been welcomed by this city. To celebrate, I brought y’all along on a walk through Fremont with my Honeybee and me. It was good times, we took in all the fall color. Beware of spiders, though. They are not ‘uckin around.


This time of year I’m all about warm, yummy dinners. But warm and yummy don’t have to mean extra salt and msg (the flavor enhancer). I finally hammered down my own recipe that which is comparable to that box brand except entirely completely wholly better. I probably wouldn’t have been so motived to do this if there were a Popeye’s anywhere near here, jus’ saying. Dig my dirty rice, y’all!


Over on the CATFIGHTCRAFT blog you can find my recipe for the Big Salad, advice for setting goals, and Bethany’s post about our Etsy shop update! We are constantly creating and refining and it’s so exciting, for real!

Then, like, all of a sudden time started flying on by and it got pret-ty quiet around here. Apologies, folks, but it’s hard out here for a pimp.


Jared, Honeybee and I carved punks and Halloween was a grand old time.

November. It’s upon us already! Don’t forget to fall back you guys. What are you doing with your extra hour?



Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.


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