Boat Street Marina


Now that it’s been a few weeks since the onslaught of transition I can sort of resurface. If you’re anything like me, you know scoping out and perfecting the route and routine is important. Most especially when public transit is involved, and it takes two buses to get there (there being to work/school). They run pretty often, so it works. It’s awesome to work at school. Technically it’s going to the same place everyday, but I get to see two very different parts of campus. The view I offer today is right behind the building I work in, I wandered over to the Boat Street Marina after a hard day’s admin. Positively dreamy.

Camera update! The D70 went back home to its original owner, Jessie, and I got a new one. These pictures were taken with the Nikon D3200 and, lemme just say, I love it. A lot of the situations I find myself in are low light—we live in a basement, y’all—and the old model wasn’t as equipped to handle such conditions. And if it did happen to be a bright, sunny day in Seattle—cough cough—Seattle then I’d stumble into the other problem with the D70: the hair that lived deep inside the body of the camera. It was there when I got it and at first it was no big deal to edit it out, but as I added more monthly features around here, editing this hair out of every single photo became a thorn-needle in my side-haystack. This is not something you can air dust out, people. I needed a professional, but never once in the two years that I had this camera did I have enough $ and time at the same time to make that dream a reality. That, and it happened to be that Jessie missed having that camera, so boom.

The hazy golden shots were taken from the same spot on another day. In case you’re wondering how it suddenly got glorious out. Though, the weather has been pretty erratic lately.


In related news, I’m freaking hyper excited that my artistic fruits are ripening in their own time. Two years ago that D70 was the first thing I really bought for my bloglife. Two years later it affords itself an upgrade. My baby’s growing up, y’all. Squee!

Anyway, guess what.


Duck butt.



Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.


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