2014 Gift Guide

Wondering what to get for your creative posse, crew, fam and friend-fam? I’ve got some ideas.

 For the Artists:

Every artist I know needs one thing: supplies. You can tailor your choices to their chosen medium or shake it up and get them into something new. Hit up Artist & Craftsman or Blick’s for something awesome like oil pastels with oversize newsprint. Or  some clay. Clay comes in air-dry and oven-dry varieties, so don’t even sweat the kiln thing. Or create a relief printing kit! All you’d need is a linoleum block, a brayer, a carving tool, ink and paper.

Relief Printing Kit

For the Musicians:

Swamburger, who you may know from Solillaquists of Sound, sells beats by the pound. $70/track or ten tracks for $700. You can hear some of his own handiwork on Solilla’s bandcamp page. Make contact on Facebook.


For the Writers:

Every writer needs a journal, someplace to jot down ideas or go off on a flight of fancy. My favorite ones are made of leather. That way you can switch out the notebook inside, yet always have your journal. You can find some luscious ones on Catfight Craft’s Etsy page.

For the Ladies:

Our hair clips go over like gangbusters! Remember, Etsy is your friend.

For the Fellas:

I know what boys like (because I asked a few). They say make with the useful gadgets! Belts, headphones, batteries, Dremel tools. But you know what guys really want? Treats.

Holiday Treats!

Good luck out there, you guys. I was at the grocery today and, oh lawd! It was madness. Insanity. And we’re not even in the thick of the season yet! Not really. But don’t let the bah get in you humbug, make this holiday season your best one yet. You can do it.



Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.


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