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Make: Holiday Cheer

I haven’t had much time for Christmas decorating so far, but now that school’s over for the quarter, I’m ready to make up for lost time. My goal was to create something simple for the upstairs window using icicles. My icicle tree is just that: simple and festive. I love it!



Of course our mini-tree is decorated to the 9s. To the 10s, even! We’ve dubbed 2014 the year of blacklight Christmas.

Then I was on a roll. I cut a choice branch from a nearby evergreen and made us a simple wreath-like situation for the front door. Inviting, yes?


Before long it was time to get started on Christmas cards! I couldn’t find any I loved, so I decided to make my very own.

Happy Christmas to you and yours! Need more ideas for handmade gift-giving awesomeness? Check out Catfight Craft’s fabulous 12 Happy Days of Handmade Gifts!



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