December to Remember

I’m not sure how it happens, but December is always a shocker for me. It’s not newly situated in our calendar, yet it baffles and befuddles me. This time of year everything just blows by in a blur. If it weren’t for these monthly round-ups I might just forget all the awesomeness.

Let’s recap.

We have a good the best time making things, that’s how I know Bethany is my crafting partner in crime.

Bethany fingers

I sought out the conquer both thirst and winter chills with my peanut butter hot chocolate with marshmallow cream. This beverage is seriously a work of art. I thought so, but it wasn’t until Honeybee got his lips around it did I realize the truth of what I’d done. Try it, you’ll like it! (Unless you have a peanut allergy. In that case probably sit this one out.)

With hot chocolate in mug, we moved on to my semi-unconventional gift-guide for the creative types in your life. Seems like every year I have a few stragglers that I just can’t think of what to get! Hopefully I helped with a few of yours.

Christmas Present

I spent a crampy evening watching Muppet Christmas Carol and really got into the spirit. I made a snowflake tree for our picture window, hand-printed our cozy fireplace Christmas cards (with Cricut message) and created an alt-wreath to Make: Holiday Cheer. Fun! Jared, Matt and I had a marvelous time trimming our mini tree.

We next departed from the festivities for a minute to take a look at my hair. Never have I been more sure of the decision to document this transition. Seven months ago I was like, this is gonna take forever. But you know what? Time flies. 7 months already! And, more importantly, I’m happy to report amazing Curl Definition in the Face of Adversity. I’ve since retested the new method and my hair is hot fiyah. FIYAH. You can’t argue with fiyah. Fiyah is unreasonable. Just hot.

Outstanding Curl Definition in the Face of Adversity

We check in on the decorations downtown and all around in On the Street & in the Hood

And, of course, we celebrated Christmas! From now ’till next year we’ll be taking our time enjoying family and getting in some serious chill. The holiday season, man. It’s joyous and wonderful but tiring, too.

See you all next year!



Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.


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