Winterful Washington

Why, hello, darling. How goes it? I’m running out the door to my first day of Winter Quarter at the UW. I capitalize the W and Q because that’s how expensive it is. Capital.

Before the skid-addling commences, though, I had to stop in and say thanks for the sweet comments on the Wray Family Christmas. Such a good time! And that was just Christmas festivities. I took so many photos. The light shining for our drive there was so beautiful I got a little click-happy.

But look at this scenery, though.


And I got to hang out with this lovely mare at Uncle Ron’s. He has a whole wall of trophies for his riding and training skills. He said miss mare hurt her leg, then suffered from subsequent stress on her other legs. She was far away and I said chk-chk and she came right up, eyeball to eyeball. She has the softest nose.



More pretty from the journey. I like long roads, silent stretches and giggly ones.



Severe Side Wind


WraysofSunshine Winter

See that?! A literal ray of sunshine. So sublime. Alas, heading home was a bit different. There was a big snowstorm at Snoqualmie Pass and while it was beautiful, it was scary.

But we made it through, as we tend to do.

Love and light, betch!




Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.


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