Interiors: Where We Play

‘Sup y’all! Sunshine popping up in the situation to share some interior updates. As much as I love the magazine-ready look, real life is more, well, real. That’s where the beauty is, to me.

Welcome to Plaid Palace!


I recently upgraded my dresser. Would you believe me if I told you this gorgeous French country dresser was free?! Well, I actually paid $30 for the paint, but that’s it, for real. It actually belonged to our landlord and had been sitting in the jam room for about ten years. Matt used it for an instrument/music stand. The drawers were filled with broken guitar pedals and picks. I inquired about purchasing the dresser and he said I could just have it. Sweet. (Thanks, Rick!). See the whole process over on Catfight Craft.

It started like this. Eesh.

It’s huge, but it actually fits everything and rearranging all the art in that corner has been such a breath of fresh air. For real. You know a coat of paint on a wall can really change the look of a room, but when you can’t paint, taking advantage of art is SO important. And Pokie likes it.


Our space is unique in that we do a lot of living in the bedroom. It’s larger than most but definitely does double or even trip duty when Matt engineers albums here, our friends lounge here, I’m always making something, but we also dress here, store clothes and media. It’s an everything room.


Outside there’s the coat closet, opposite the library and then around the corner you find yourself in the jam space which is doing triple duty, too. There’s a full drum kit, guitar, keyboards, dulcimers, more drums, yes, true. But there’s also my desk, the washer & dryer and our bathroom. Again, there’s a lot going on. Somehow it just works.


Garrett Drumsbehindthedrumkit

Sometimes I think our ultimate home would be some sort of warehouse where we could shift things almost continually depending on the scale of projects we’re working on. But then I remember how much I love porches. Mmph. This space probably wouldn’t work for everyone and definitely won’t work forever, but it’s just right for right now.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all.



Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.


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