My Philosophy, Age 29

Celebrate your triumphs and victories over evil or any other adversity that comes barreling down the lifeline at you. Tell everyone exactly why they’re awesome when they’re awesome. Don’t reward bad behavior. Put energy into everything you can without falling into malnutrition. Remember that there is always sunshine. Even though our perception from this particular corner of the universe makes it appear to rise and set, really, the sun is always shining.

Remember that because you’re made of the same stuff.

If there are tulips, dahlias or lilies, get them. If you’re wondering whether or not you can do this, you’re wasting time you could be doing this. Knowing that you can do something better now based on what you’ve done before does not make your previous work inferior. Next one will be better, though. Always be spongy, soaking up moments until you have a history you can be proud of. Rest. Ask for what you want. Be what’s next. If someone asks you if you’re okay and you’re not okay, don’t say you’re okay. Telling the truth is not an excuse to be mean. Expound the vocabulary in your repertoire until you can concisely convey an idea, then let that shit flow seamlessly into everyday vernacular. Fill all the world with art. Start at home. Give big hugs. When you think you’ve squeezed enough, squeeze just a bit more.

Be thankful because you have all the best family and all the best friends.

❤ Sunshine

Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.


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