Here Lately

A bit like those Beatles-esque vultures in Jungle Book, the routine of late has become patterned.

Except I know what I gotta do: Work–school–homework in a never-ending cycle until my brain melts out my earballs. This together with the onslaught of whatever bug is going around the hood these days had me up to my ears in blankets yesterday. Bleh. I won’t even tell you how many different colors of snot were involved. Nope. Gonna keep that to myself. But you could imagine.

Life is art and good art acknowledges pattern and repetition not as a stifling force, rather as rules to be created and broken. Pattern and variation exist in harmony or disharmony as the artist sees fit.

Today I’m channeling my inner Bob Ross to create a world I can smile about.

What are you up to?



Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.


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