to the Death

Through this midterm I have learned that being a director means knowing how to concisely ask for what you want; that I am a documentary director who throws a handful of strange requests out there in order to get the cut I want because people bloom when they’re confused.

So, I’m sharing this video for my band, Super Plaid’s song, to the Death. Besides the strict 2 minute limit, this particular song was chosen because several listeners thought it was a bit morbid and I wanted to take the opportunity to show quite the opposite. The point of this song is not that we are daredevils seeking death, rather that we live our lives in such a way that, if we did die today, you could find our hearts in our music. Our albums are literal records of time well spent.

In a perfect world all the musicians who made to the Death possible would’ve been stars in its video, but due to distance Jesse Mack and Kevin Gibbons were sorely missed. Mad love! If you’re curious, click through for the stipulations of the assignment…

Our professor asking for this:

Video Killed the Radio Star

From there I wanted to document the musicianship–and all around badassery–afoot at my house. These guys are not only great friends, but talented and all around good people. How could I not choose that to share with the world? You know for my big, shiny–to be graded and thoroughly critiqued–midterm film debut. Ooh! Wish me luck tomorrow.

To quote Ms. Badu:


But here it is:




Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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