Two Years Ago Today

Matt Wray & I were married at Camp Kiwanis near Mill Creek.

I remember thinking the rest of our lives would pretty much suck after a day so perfect. I also remember freaking out because I couldn’t find the lights I’d brought especially for the occasion. Ultimately I decided no one cared besides me and that if missing lights was the worst thing to happen, so be it.

Since then it’s been kind of a blur. Next thing we knew it was the end of Year One and we were no longer “newlyweds” although I still felt like one. And now, two years deep, I STILL feel new. He’s still the silly sweet thoughtful hand-and-awe-some Honeybee who hugged me at the market all those years before. I’m still the luckiest little lady this side of the Columbia River.

And if you asked him, he’d still say I’m amazing. Although, I can assure you, caffeine does most of it.


To commemorate those moments of awe, in which we baffle one another with all the feels I’ve recently been sharing sporadic posts on Facebook called Marriage is:. I thought I’d share a few of those here for reference and giggles. Some are sweet, some are funny but, lord help me, all are true.


Marriage is: “Matt, you have to finish farting before you can say excuse me!”


Marriage is: Matt: “You’re making French toast, right?” Me:”Yes, my love.” “Are you sure there’s syrup?” “Think so…I will go and double-check.” “But how can you tell if syrup is good?” “Read the label. I will go and read the label.” He tickles me.


Marriage is: coming home after a shitastic day to find all the lights off, incense burning. He listens until I have nothing to say and holds me until I let go. Asks, “do you want me to put in some Harry Potter or Amelie?” Does. Then runs upstairs to make me a snack. ‪#‎baffledbyhislove‬


Marriage is: coming home hot and sweaty to find the mister, who fans me as I tell him about my day. ‪#‎handconditionedair‬


Marriage is: a big bee buzzing in our bedroom and I’m freaking out ’cause there are no easy exits, “Matt, there’s a bee.” “What do you want me to do about it?” “Idk, you’re my honeybee, talk to it? Ask it to leave?” He leaves the room, I grab a large vase and a poster: my patent-pending bee rescue apparatus. It is not affective. He comes in with bug spay and a napkin. ‪#‎problemsolved‬

Photo by Jared Wade

If I could I’d travel back in time to my former self on June 15th, 2013 and say, “sure it’s the best day of your life…SO FAR, but you just wait. One day, you’ll finish lunch and he’ll hand you a vitamin and…SPLOOSH.”

Thank you for all the support and lovely well wishes. And thank you, Honeybee for being your fantastic self. You are so incredibly easy to love.

See our wedding photos on the old blog, Sunshine Press.



Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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