Fremont Solstice Parade 2015

It’s the longest, best day of the whole year. If you haven’t heard, every solstice the fine folks of Fremont, Seattle get naked, get painted and ride -or walk- through the center of the universe. Trying to explain a feeling so sublime is odd, but more than anything the solstice is the one day that all mucky-muck of the world does not matter. You could be big, you could be small. You could come dressed or not all. It’s an event that reminds me why I live here. I’m weird and I love weirdos.

01 Even with a plan, things go awry. I somehow left the house with everything I needed except my camera. Can you believe it?! I cannot. So, these are cell phone shots, which can be hit or miss. Whatever. Nudity. Solstice Golden Girls Our posse -sans Honeybee who had to work, of course- got painted up and headed down a bit late. We saw some of the parade, but definitely not all of it.

Zoo Critters

Even though I had clothes on I walked the parade with mah nude posse, so we had the killer front row walk-by seats for all the stages set up on the route. These guys were jammin! Front Row

Did I mention our new friends brought their crazy-cute dog, Phoebe, along?! Walking behind them was kind of amazing. Everyone was immediately lovestruck with little Pheebs. She has so much energy and was not afraid to bark at the big dogs. Get it, girl! Phoebe By the end, it’s easy to feel a bit wiped out. Wiped out

We eventually meandered down to Gas Works Park where we took in the sights. Still my favorite view of Seattle. These two guys lost a beer to the wind. As it floated in Lake Union, they puzzled out the best way to keep from littering without getting wet. Something about that conversation while the Ducks quacked by and the Space Needle. It’s just classic. If you’re wondering, they asked a naked guy already swimming to grab it for them.

wpid-wp-1434853207471.jpeg Thanks for journeying with me to the depths of the center of the universe and back. Need more nudity? Check out the Fremont Solstice Parade 2014. xo,


Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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