June Monthlies

Whooo! I haven’t done a monthlies post in too long. TOO LONG! But they’re back! Boom, baby. Here’s what went down in June.


We took a closer look at the video I made for To the Death, with critique from my classmates and teacher as well as a self-evaluation. If you’re wondering I got a 3.8 on that assignment.

We took photography to the camera obscura level with Make: Pinhole Camera. You can do it, too!

More random illustrations, sunshine and a little mimery.

We stopped to celebrate our two-year wedding anniversary!


Then I found a stash of photos from the beautiful blossoming Japanese cherry blossoms.


After that I was all gung-ho for Solstice. We looked back and last year’s, we lingered on this year’s and are already looking forward to next year’s! Oh and I also posted a wee video of the Solstice Skaters.

I grew impatient with two different hair textures and got a little snippy. But I’m happily 99% Natural.


The joy of yummy comfort food was with me as we chowed down on Menu: Steak & Taters.




Life: Change or Die came with the realness. Finally, after a year of intermittent pain and subsequent two-month wait for surgery, I made it through double laparoscopic hernia repair surgery. It was  IS painful. Seems like my everything hurts. From my side where they gave me a shot to prevent blood clots to my lips where the breathing tube was taped to the actual incision sites to my belly. And my hand from the IV. My arms and legs ache from picking up the slack where my core can’t. I cannot thank my sweet, sweet Honeybee enough for lifting me up physically and mentally. He has this amazing attention to detail that is so crucial in keeping me comfortable. Everything I could want is within my reach. Independence is my instinct, but it is not wise whilst in recovery. He reminds me that he is here to help.

He lifts me out of bed and offers a walking stick for stability on the side he can’t hold. Through trial and error I determined it’s easier to shuffle sideways rather than lift each foot forward. Even with his help and moving at a snail’s pace the pain has brought me to tears every time I’ve walked. It’s all so very pitiful. I hate being weepy and weak. And I hate pain. It hurts.

Worry not, I’ve got a few posts saved up. They’re gonna post themselves and I’m gonna lay here and make as few movements as possible.





Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.


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