Wrays of Sunshine Prints Now Available on society6!

The best advice I’ve heard in regards to career advice:

do what you love

And you know what I love? Making fun illustrations like this and like this. And, really all kinds of art. Upon showing my work to friends, the reaction was bring on the digital prints! I looked around on the web and found Society6 has great reviews in terms of quality and customer service. As much as I’d like to be superwoman, I just really don’t have the ability to quickly and efficiently print and frame work at this time. It’s a no-brainer, yes? Yes. Head on over the shop and check out my shiny new digital illustration for the occasion: Gouache Your Worries Away. Choose from art prints, framed prints or even have it printed on canvas! You can also find Faded Glory, the watercolor painting I shared yesterday. I’ll be adding more super soon, like, lightning fast.

Click here to see my shop!


Brianna Wray


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