Make: Photograms

A few months ago I shared tips on how to take photos with pinhole cameras. Did you try? If you didn’t, you should ’cause it’s SO much fun. Pinhole cameras still require use of a darkroom and photosensitive chemicals. Photograms, however, do not. There are lots of places to find exact instructions. I did a quick search and found these. Here are some that I came up with. I began by playing with sharp contrasts, but quickly realized I love the look of the hazy double-exposures just as much, if not even more so. Because photograms require using actual items, I tried to play around with different options. Organic matter makes really interesting work and it’s even more fun to juxtapose organic matter such as leaves and flowers with very man-made items like my glasses and an old paint brush. Then I got loose. Below you’ll find my favorites: string, earbuds, jewelry and all the supplies in my pencil box.




What do you think? Have you ever made photograms before? Don’t worry if you have no experience, all it takes is a little patience and practice.

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Brianna Wray


Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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