Seattle Sights: Seward Park

Seward Park is pretty far from our usual haunts in Seattle, but it’s well worth the trek south to see something new. Venture with me.

Seward Park 3

Seward Park sits on 300 acres of land and includes some beautiful shoreline, a 2.4 mile walking and biking path, hiking trails and an art studio. It also boasts a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier and ducks for days!

The grass is greener.

Seward Park 5

Seward Park 6

It’s a perfect spot for meditation. Can’t wait till my hair is as big as this curly’s. Get it, girl!

Washington is so green and beautiful. This wee cabin is closed, but cute.

Seward Park 10

Paddle boats and boat-boats.

Seward Park 12

It seemed totally random to find an art studio there, but there it was. Honeybee was a little nervous about just walking in like we owned the place, but I figured they worst anyone can say is no, so why not try? We were met with what seemed like opposition. A lady met us at the door and said, “so you’re just gonna walk through here?” She said it with a little extra snip to her tone, but I answered with my usual sunshiny “Yeah, if it’s okay.” “Sure great, yeah, walk on through!”

So let that me a lesson to you. Ask and receive. Maybe she was having a rough day. Maybe her tone is just naturally harsh. Doesn’t mean she’s not a nice lady.

There were so many amazing pieces in progress there, but my camera was set up for bright outdoor lighting, so I didn’t get too many.

By the time we stepped out of the studio, the sun was set to glisten mode and everything was beautiful! All the boats were drifting toward the same direction and one of them was playing music for all of us. It wasn’t what I would’ve picked, but it was fun to have mini dance party at a park. Not two things I’d usually pair.

Seward Park 13

Learn more about the history of Seward Park. Want more Seattle Sights? Tour the International District, Golden Gardens, and UW’s cherry blossoms.

Thanks for hanging with us, you guys. Always a pleasure!

Brianna Wray



Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.


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