Harbor Tour with Argosy

Just a few days ago Matt and I hopped aboard the Spirit of Seattle for Argosy’s Harbor Tour.


When we first met, Matt worked for Argosy. The uniform was very semi-off-duty-coast-guard (read: sexy). He was the audio-visual technician for one of the longer cruises. The harbor tour is just an hour. Ah, Seattle.

Harbor Tour2

Christina made our drinks and then scurried upstairs to be our tour guide. Something tells me she has many, many more skills. Matt and I have done this tour before, but I feel like we got way closer to the industrial side of Elliott Bay this time around. We even watched the tiny crane operator stack one of these containers. They look small from our perspective, but each one is semi-truck size. Woof.

And we had the super rare treat of seeing a ferry up in the dry dock. I really appreciate that fellow in the wee boat. He lends much needed perspective because WOW!

Harbor Tour5

Guess what else we saw… sea lions! It was kind of sad, though, when Christina explained that all the beach-masters, the badass sea lion dudes in California, were back home mating while these guys were exiled. Still cute, though.


Harbor Tour1

A big thanks to Argosy for the lip-smacking drinks and breathtaking views. We had ourselves a ball. Stay tuned for more Wrays of Sunshine. Can’t wait? See more Seattle Sights, get inspired for dinner with our Menu or Meet some new friends. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe. Love ya!


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