Style 06: Fall Favorites

Mmmhm. It’s that time of the year, y’all. Scarves and sweaters and boots come out of their closets to aid our skin against the cold. But it’s not just a working relationship. Clothes should look good, too.

I like outfits that are comfy as f*ck. For real. I know this idea goes against the many principles of hardcore fashion. That’s okay. I LOVE the way high fashion looks on the runway. Gorgeousness all over, but I’m looking you in the eye and I’m telling you that if I have a choice between comfort and discomfort I’m gonna pick coziness nine times out of ten.

Enter this dress. It’s basically pajama-level comfortable with its elastic waist and actually practical with its pockets. Swoon. And I love that it goes over the boobs without blousing out too far. I got it at a local, extremely well curated, consignment shop called Labels but it’s made for a quirky shop called Wish. And it’s ten blocks from my front door.



You may recall Bethany and I are up to our ears in handmade goodness over at Catfight Craft, my other favorite internet haunt. This leather cuff is one of many new items available in our Etsy shop.

This “hooded sweatshirt cardigan” is from h&m. This was my first time shopping in their online shopping situation and I have to say it’s far and away less stressful that actually stepping foot inside a Hennes & Mauritz. Maybe I’m having flashbacks from working there. Anyway, I love the asymmetrical zipper and that the measurements were accurate and the fabric feels higher in quality than I expected, ifyouknowwhatImean. 


There’s no link love for these boots, though. I found them deep in the heart of an antique shop in Walla Walla, Washington. (Not our usual ones, either. We drove past the place twice before I could even see the sign, it was so tiny.) They were exactly $5, tax included. Get to the counter to find they only take cash. We didn’t have any at the time, but these boots and I were, clearly, meant to be together. They waited patiently for Matt and I to hit an atm, so I, in turn, took them to the cobbler in Fremont and waited patiently for their return. They came back from Dave Page’s shop waterproof, shined and brushed. It was this odd bit of nostalgia descending into the center of the universe. I’ve lived in Seattle six years now and I’ve passed this shop too many times to recall, but actually going inside made my heart swell somekindaway.

Now that I have them and I’ve worn them in the rain I can say my heart swole in a whole different way. Dry feet are a commodity in Seattle’s gorgeous fall and continually leaky winter and it’s on now!


Today happened to be a lovely day for a walk with my Honeybee. Isn’t he dreamy? Thanks for joining us. And I’m out*.

Brianna Wray Signature


*I still walk like I’m on the runway, though.

Credits: Photography: Matt & Brianna Wray, mostly Matt. Hair: Day 1 hair, curls twist out. Makeup: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, nyx concealer, Sephora eyeshadows, Baby Lips gloss. Outfit not listed above: Puma duffel, thrifted belt.

Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

2 thoughts on “Style 06: Fall Favorites”

  1. I love this post so much and your style is really cool! Your blog is really cool, you should check out my blog too. I do fashion and lifestyle posts, I think you’d really like it 😊
    Great pictures by the way.


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