These IVA Seniors

Contrasting my very regimented figure drawing class is the IVA Senior Studio. In it interdisciplinary artists roam, essentially free range, working on what pleases them most for a gallery show toward the end of the quarter. One day we even had art cake! We postulated what makes it art cake, are its elements handmade, and isn’t it delicious? Very serious, studious discussions.


But it’s not all treats. The projects we’ve chosen for ourselves are challenging, time-consuming and definitely labor intensive. On top of that, we each have committee work for the show. Some folks are creating a poster, a food prep team, install/uninstall point people, etc. There’s always more to do!


I’m on the media committee, which involves photographing my classmates–self included–as they’re trying to work and documenting the greatness as it comes to be. This is a thrilling assignment for me because I’m all about investigating artists’ processes and here I have a whole room full to bounce around. Excellent. This is valuable research for one day when I’m all alone in my studio and I don’t have the luxury of 15-20 opinions on an idea at a moment’s notice.

Our professor, Claire Cowie, does a great job instilling the feeling of community in the studio and showing us how much we benefit from each other. We’re encouraged to spread out, stake a claim on space and ask questions–both of ourselves and each other. My classmates are truly inspired and our projects are really diverse. There will be painting, printmaking, book-making, quilting, and sculpture to say the least.

So much so that I can guarantee* if you come to our show you will see something you love.

Are you working on any projects this fall? Comment below with details so we can follow your progress, too! And don’t forget to Like & Subscribe for more Wrays of Sunshine.

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*guarantee not valid in Sheboigan.

Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.


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