Natural Hair: Lifehack or Ghetto, My New Favorite Tool

Before all the lifehackery we’ve come to know and love here on the internet, there was just plain ol’ ghetto. Do you remember these times? You weren’t an urban pioneer overcoming obstacles as the internet today would have you believe, you were just using what you had to do what you needed. Problem solved. But lifehack just sounds so cool.

That said, two weeks ago Matt tossed a simple piece of plastic my way and my new favorite tool was born. Recognize this little guy? Comes with about 4 pair of men’s socks? Oh yeah. That’s bae.


For real. It started as a joke, but really!

I was just telling Honeybee (pictured above, working on his latest obsession–cigar box banjos) that I was on the hunt for a better afro pick, but all the ones I’d seen recently had too many teeth. They caused frizz where I wanted body and, um, no thank you.

But take a look at this little guy. Mmhm. Yup. A sock-holder = the perfect pick. Behold, my hair in twists with clips at the end, clipless, and un-twisted. You can see all the parts from my twists and the curls clumps are too big.

You see what happened there? Subtle lift, part-hiding cuteness! And that was Day 1 hair (which is prone to shrinkage and frizz), see below for Day 2.


Is my sock holder pick worthy of the lifehack title? Are you using any outlandish tools? Is there a better pick out there I’ve missed somehow? Post in the comments below! Don’t forget to Like & Subscribe for more.

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Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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