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Happy Halloween / October 2015

‘ello derr. Tis Calypso taking a singular, ‘uman form to wish you a ‘appy ‘allo’een. And, of course, Honeybee is the Dread Pirate Roberts. Meanwhile I have dreads, ha–see what I did there? Arrr my puns too much for ya? At least a little funny?


We’re up to our ears in candy and an Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, etc. horror flick marathon. I get scared easily, so I might get a little distracted on purpose.

Looking for a little something? Well, it just so happens we’ve had a great October here. We went for a walk in my neighborhood looking fabulous. I took a break from the breakneck speed of student life to postulate UW’s Boundless campaign. There was a wicked case of the Mondays in there somewhere. An entire week disappeared as leaves fell. Oh fall. I didn’t go hungry, though, thanks to Meal Prep. That’s always good. Don’t wanna go starving. Ooh and did you see my classmates, These IVA Seniors? They’re amazing. Oh, and I came clean about my favorite new tool for natural hair success.

A good month, indeed. But can you believe there’s a November around the corner? 2015’s gonna be gone before we know it!

Keep it moving, folks. Love and light!

Brianna Wray


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