Music: January Sun

How’s 2016 treating you so far? Well, lemme tell you, Matt—Honeybee—has the right idea. A new album that is right on time for the season, as meditative as the ocean’s surface. He kindly submitted to a quick interview.

January Sun is an entirely new release exploring ideas initially recorded in 97-99. What made you want to begin again? 
I wanted to re-record it because I felt like the songs were good at showcasing musicianship and creativity—not just my engineering skills. I really like creating songs people can get into on another level besides the surface. And it’s better than just sitting on the shelf for almost 20 years where no one could enjoy it. Even myself! They were great ideas, poorly executed. I like expounding upon potential and making things better.

Which song sounds truest to your vision?

The first 3/4ths of the album came out precisely as I wanted. Toward the end things shifted a bit.

Which is the most surprising and why?

…Like Water and Minimal Velocity fit January Sun’s theme surprisingly well considering they were recorded for fun in the intervening years and never made it on to an official album of their own.

Favorite song?

My favorite song is the finale, Deeper Sinking pt. 2, despite it being  different from what I’d planned.

Suggested activities while listening??

Chilling out and opening your mind a bit. It’s music for having quiet conversations, making art, being creative, yogic breathing. Very mellow.


Of course, my favorite song on January Sun is A Song for Sunshine, but I’m completely, entirely, just wholly biased. Listen for yourself on Super Plaid’s BandCamp. Hang tight in our Super Plaid Jam as seen through Bethany’s lens on her site, Pistol Pix.

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credit: Cover Art by Jared Wade


Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.


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