Make: Onsie Onsies for Baby

What’s cute? What’s cuter than cute? I’ll tell you what. A baby in a onsie with a onsie on it. I know, I just blew your mind. No, it’s cool. Take your time. Breathe.

Searching for a quick DIY project to honor all the tiny baby cute overlords in your life? Look no further! Do this in a jiffy to get that baby looking extra spiffy!

Need | non-toxic fabric paint (traditional or spray), tyvek for stencil, brush or sponge, newspaper, onsies of various sizes. I asked all the moms I could scrounge and then tried to size up three months for each baby so they could grow into them and they’d last for a while.

Cut a stencil of whatever shape you’d like. Obviously onsies are my intended shape, but you can do just about anything! Cupcakes, bears, pacifiers, I don’t know, get wild! You could even create a silhouette of the baby in question. The cute potential is unprecedented here, folks.


Use newspaper to protect the back side of the onsie and keep any paint from leaking. Roll up a page and insert into the neck. Cut your stencil out of tyvek. I chose tyvek for this project because it’s waterproof and cheap. With it, I’m able to rinse the fabric paint off and keep moving, but if you don’t have tyvek, paper works just fine. I would suggest cutting several stencils either way, but extra if you’re working with paper. I even varied the size of some of the onsie stencils. Some of dem babies gettin’ big.

Follow the instructions on your paint for questions on things like pre-washing, drying and curing. The paint I’m using did not require a pre-wash, but did demand a 20-minute heat setting session in the dryer.

The more onsies I made the more fun I had with filling in the basic shape. Variations include stripes, filled, ombre and faux tie dye. I think the ombre are my favorite.

The Wee Baby Wyatt

Thanks to the Massey family for sharing this image of wee baby Wyatt rocking his onsie onsie with pride. Isn’t he the cutest thing that ever happened? Those cheeks! He’s a preemie (fighter, survivor and thriver) with badassery embedded in his tiny baby bones by his loving parents. We love you!

And thank you to all my sunshines for tuning in again. See more projects in the Make: section such as Photograms, Pinhole cameras, and relief prints.

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Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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