Sh*T That Makes Me Smile 02 | Driver Wave

Be it rain or shine, Seattle’s King County Metro keeps me moving. Most of the time that involves physically moving from Point A to Point B, but sometimes, when I’m lucky they move me to smile.

Seeing two drivers, especially when they’re opposite directions of the same route, acknowledge each other with a friendly wave just lights up the day. Like when Tina Belcher hears, ‘bumper to bumper’ or when Amelie finds a perfect throwing stone, seeing Metro drivers wave at one another soothes my soul.It’s a tiny moment, not even intended for me, that reminds me of the unseen relationships constantly encircling as I make my way through the city.

This particular day I was headed to Pike Place Market and, determined to photographically document this moment for you, I told the driver about my Wrays of Sunshine. I also thanked him for his work in general because I really do appreciate not being behind the wheel, especially in that make-you-crazy stop-and-start traffic. Turns out, our driver is Hussein, a funny guy who’ll get you smiling anyway, no driver’s wave required. He very kindly agreed to be photographed if he happened to encounter another bus en route.

He moved here when he was 13 years old from Iraq. He worked hard to earn his bachelor’s degree, but even when working toward his passion, he always woke up in the morning and felt like, ugh, I have to go to work. “Now, when I wake up I get to go to work.” He said he threw his bachelor’s degree away after that. His favorite part is helping people who don’t know where they’re going, meeting travelers and hearing their stories. Hussein is also a very proud papa. And that’s totally reasonable because his son is adorable. Like, crazy cute.

Sure enough, a Number 5 North to Shoreline came barreling up Fremont Hill.


Oh, you guys. I’m smiling.

A big, thank you to Hussein for sharing his sunshine with me and allowing me to share it with you. Sharing joy and truth is exactly what the world needs more of. It’s what makes these rainy Seattle days bright!

Brianna Wray Signature

Incredible story by Hussein. Tina Belcher images from here and here. Text and photos by Sunshine.

Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

4 thoughts on “Sh*T That Makes Me Smile 02 | Driver Wave”

  1. Great observation – Kudos on getting the shot! I know what you mean here on that friendly wave business… These guys might not even know each other but they have the shared experience of driving the metro and in that knowledge they are brothers(/sisters.)

    I get much the same boost-toward-smile when I see motorcyclists give the familiar “low wave” bikers’ salute.

    I suppose folks are naturally prone to seek comradery when out and about in this big wide world. Too bad folks don’t often equate the human experience as a shared experience worthy of recognition… but really Brianna, isn’t that why we smile at one another?

    Great post! I just found your blog as a random blog on “lonely blogs” and look forward to exploring its content. Please accept this comment as my salute to a fellow blogger…

    Wraysofsunshine is just the sort of sh*t that makes me smile! 😀


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