30 Years Old & Learning Everyday

It’s my birthday, you guys! Some chump calendars may be spreading some namby-pamby nonsense about “president’s day” but it’s my birthday.

Some reactions from friends:

  • Uh-oh, the big three-oh.”
  • “Oh this is the last one worth celebrating, for sure.”
  • “Huh—you don’t look old.”

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my parents for the doing the nasty in the pasty! And for the lovely presents on this 30th birthday since.

Today is extra amazing because it’s ugly terrible, rainy-cold outside and there’s no place I have to be but home with all the flowers and chocolate and chillaxing. Did I mention the Harry Potter? There’s some Azkaban, too. Reading poetry and editing photos for upcoming posts.

I’m just happy. A great deal of that involves my sweet, sweet Honeybee who threw me a living room dance party for which we had the best dj in the 2-0-6, Jeff (seen also in the To the Death video). Many thanks to friends who took ferries to make the scene.

You can’t go wrong with light saber shenanigans.

Thanks for all the love, well wishes and whatnot. It means everything.

So far I’ve learned that I (and, indeed, we as humans) know very little. What I know is no matter what, even when you work extra hard to afford yourself a break, you may very well end up adulting despite your best efforts. You can write all the essays, you can dot all the i’s but you’ll still end up, from time to time, wielding a plunger that is too small for the task. And as you wade through the very literal and sometimes figurative shit in life, it’s all worthwhile when you’re able to locate that someone, and those somethings that make you smile.

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Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.


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