Greenwood ‘Splosion

A natural gas leak caused an explosion in my neighborhood this past Wednesday. The Quick Stop, Neptune Coffee and Mr Gyros are all blown to smithereens. It is trippy! More than anything I’m glad no one was hurt.

We live about nine blocks south of the site, so we’re far from the blast zone, but I go in there all the time. I’ve waited at that bus stop many times. Jared and I drove by  on Friday. Actually, Jared drove, I rode. Traffic definitely slows to a crawl for a 5 block radius. All the windows are busted out of the Hearing Aid Shop. The pattern of destruction is all over the place. Some huge panes of glass are fine, others are shattered, boarded up in plywood.


Find up to date information on Phinneywood. Donate to the Greenwood Relief Fund. And be careful out there!

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