Natural Hair: I ♥ Denman

Hello, hello how are you, my sunshine? It’s been a while since we checked in on my curls and I do hope you’ll forgive me. It’s been business and usual, using Curls products, Deep Conditioning regularly and styling with my favorite tool. But there has been a new addition to the arsenal.

Enter the Denman brush and the Denman brush cleaning brush.


Let’s start with the brush cleaning brush. It was $3 on Amazon and while it isn’t a mandatory must have in the arsenal, now that I have it I’m wondering why I waited so long. It makes brush cleaning SO fast and SO painless all our brushes are like new.

Now that we’ve got the easy-peasy out of the way let’s move onto the showstopper here. Dun-dun Denman. Rather than beginning with the basic model I went for the spaced out version with 7 rows. It’s important to note that I’m not using this brush for detangling, either. The hair I present to the Denman is already detangled and already has product in it. Brushing through with the Denman allows each curl (or curl clump) to be evenly coated with product and to curl on its own before rejoining the masses. The result is better than usual Day 1 hair, epic curl definition and 7-9 day twist-outs success. A few of my favorite things!


Process: On fresh out the shower clean and detangled hair, I’ll go section by section (although my sections are more organic shapes than squared off areas) adding melted coconut oil, then Curls Botanical Gelle. As I work through the sections some dry out faster than others. Rather than working with dry sections, I’ll spray either Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Spray OR Curls’ Curl Reviver Spray, then go on with coconut oil and gelle as usual. Again, that part isn’t mandatory and for all intents and purposes those sprays could easily be replaced with straight up water.

Then just brush through with the Denman. Each curl sproings up on its own! Yes, sproings is a technical term. Very technical.

And that’s it! I could stop there and call it a Wash&Go, but I like to twist the sections so that my super tight ringlet coils are stretched by the time they dry.

Next morning I spray Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Dry Oil Mist and untwist accordingly. As I do this each curl clump falls away from its neighbor to the effect of happy, happy curls.


So, there it is. I’m a Denman convert. But I’m also considering converting blogging techniques. As I shot these stills for you, demonstrating said curl fantasticalness I realized a desire to illustrate the movement that my hair has. Because that’s the thing, if you follow the LOC method, you may be thinking my hair would turn into a ramen noodle situation without the “lotion” element in place, but my hair moves and flows in the wind. It’s happy and healthy. No lotion necessary. So, I shot a little video and I thought, hey, why not try vlogging?!

What do you think? In the mood to watch some video? Keep an eye out for my Youtube Page!

I’m too much of a fan of the [printed] word to give up writing entirely, but I’m excited to add video to the repertoire.

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