Our Fremont Solstice Costumes 2016

This year’s Solstice wasn’t so sunny early on. The rain came and went, but that didn’t stop us from getting painted up and heading out.

With the exception of that one year he got to stay until 3, Honeybee usually has to work during Solstice. Instead of giggling and admiring all the beautiful people, he typically is in a freezer tending to chilly produce—or worse, working the check stand with the drunken masses who say things like, “you should really come out and enjoy the day.” You crinkle your eyes at the edges and flatten your lip in a way that resembles a smile, but really you think of course I’d love to enjoy the day, lady, IDIOT! But not this year. This time we got to experience the terrible wonderful glory of the parade from the inside. Of course he’s already in bed because he’s up at 4am for work tomorrow, but today was a day for the books.

Matt rode his bicycle and I scooted along on a Razor Scooter through the parade, so we couldn’t have cameras with us. Instead I offer you our costumes. Matt, the Non-Navigator, who stood in perpetual hero wind throughout the day. Bryan the Wookie up front, Yoda in back. Bethany, the horned ram or the horny ramstress. Also, Sunshine with giant, purple, bird nest afro and industrial strength glitter. Basically me in my natural state.


I say terrible wonderful because there are moments when you truly connect with strangers, when you look out into the crowd and see grace. Other times I realized I had no idea how to ride a Razor Scooter and probably should’ve worn different shoes. There were a lot of hasty decisions I might rethink should I parade again. There was one point when we took a break from biking and scooting to just walk alongside the parade. Some dude sitting on the ground sarcasms, “everyone gets tired.” There was a point when sweat and rain formed a solid sheen sheath around me. A truly odd sensation. That said, it was the most freeing and wonderful experience. And the following shower was none too terrific as well.

Solstice 2016

I hope you had fun hanging in Fremont with us. We’re weird in that way where it’s actually not weird at all because everyone should be naked and glittery and happy. Our costumes came together over a few months. You can see my skirt in Wear Your Work. Need more Solstice in your life? Check out my previous posts on the matter:

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Fremont, I love yeh!

2016_Sunshine Signature_grey burst

Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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