Word of the Day: endogenous

Not to be confused with indigenous or androgynous, the word endogenous means proceeding from within or derived internally. All our beauty is endogenous. Our understanding, our belonging, our place in the natural world originates endogenously, for it is from within that we building the strongest foundation.

Do you love language like me? At some point this past winter I realized I was missing studying vocabulary like we used to do in those SAT days. Then I realized it’s never too late to learn more! And especially now that school is out, I can read new non-school-related books and learn all sorts of new things. Let’s learn together! Try using endogenous in a sentence today.

What are your favorite $10 SAT words in your repertoire? Comment below!

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4 thoughts on “Word of the Day: endogenous

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  3. dale harkness

    Resplendent! As in, when I need to refresh my soul with all things resplendent, a visit with Brianna recharges my creative spirit! 🙂


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