Sunshiny Florida

One of the best memories of the Summer of 20016: FLORIDA TRIP

It was amazing because I’ve known my Honeybee for years and have, no doubt, told him crazy stories about Orlando but to be able to show him made all the difference. And it was a trip of many firsts.

He’d never been to a theme park at all ever, so you could imagine his excitement as we pulled up to Universal Studios. I’ve been there several times, but had never seen to whole Wizarding World of Harry Potter experience, since they practically announced they were building it the day I moved. But that meant there was something new for both of us.


We couldn’t get many photos there since there were several wet rides. I didn’t even bring the dSLR and my phone was mostly tucked safely inside a plastic bag.

Plastic bags! They use those still! I’m such a tourist.


Actually, in general, I was a little disappointed with the lack of photos and of the quality of the photos that I did have. There are no images of the yummy seafood crab and shrimp pasta dinner we shared. No photos of Jelian’s buoyant baby bump or audio clips of her yelling at Muggles skipping the line. There’s no evidence of Mama Juana’s fresh, perfect tamales—of course they were victims of their own deliciousness, barely reaching the plate before getting drenched in salsa and demolished. Or of Kat & Rawko’s epic hugs and art! Ultimately pictures are only representations of a slice of a memory and those memories themselves are in tact. For example, after the photo above was taken, I switched to video and captured Honeybee exiting the beach. After that he admitted that he didn’t believe that the water would be warm enough to enjoy comfortably. He genuinely thought we were exaggerating. He’s a believer now, though.

See the video on the Wrays of Sunshine Youtube channel.

And later that evening I shared the best memory with Heather. I won’t go into details here, but Heather knows. And I’ll never forget.

Thank you for all who made this trip possible, it truly takes a village. Learning to take a break really offers more benefits than just a tan, we’re able to look around and see just how blessed we are.

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