Menu: Personal Peach Pies

I have yet to taste a peach as good as a Georgia peach. Perfect texture, unreal juiciness, just everything you could ever want from the Earth. Bounty. A treasure. And now it’s been so long since I had one the memory’s locked, golden, in time. There hasn’t been much close until our buddy Nathan brought these farm fresh peaches from Walla Walla. There was no salvaging the situation, if you bit one of these peaches you succumbed to the peach dribble storming down your chin renewed with each bite. He brought us so many that eating them all straight up was out of the question. Demasiado, en español. All of a sudden we had to have pie. Everything was pie. Pizzas, color wheels, the world! Trouble is, I’ve never made a peach pie in my life. Turns out it’s the easiest, best thing.

Personal Peach Pies

  • Servings: 4 mini pies
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  • 8 peaches
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • sprinkle of cinnamon
  • sprinkle of sugar
  • 1 ½ tablespoon Smart Balance [butter, whathaveyou]
  • 2 pie shells
  • flour for stretching dough
  • 1 ½ cups water

Deseed and half peaches. Boil in water for 20 minutes. As peaches soften, remove skins. Break some peaches up with a spoon; leave some in larger bits, too. Add brown sugar. Stir until desired consistency is achieved. The longer you cook it, the more concentrated the peach intensity. Cool. Follow instructions for your dough, but mine required 15-minute’s pre-baking before filling could be added. We’ve moved into a new place where our oven is a multi-setting high-class toaster oven affair. My pie shells were ready in 5 minutes. I cut and set aside some dough for the toppers. What’s a pie without a little latticework?

Om nom. Nom Nom.

I’m sad there weren’t more pictures of these little guys. My Honeybee took ’em out! No survivors! I sent one to Bethany because she’s always baking up something amazing and sharing with me and that was it. Poof, another golden peach memory.


Note: I ended up freezing half the cooked peaches—which is going to blow my own mind when I thaw it out at some point late fall, so if you’re going to use them all, you’ll need to double up on pie shells. Or you could just half the amount of peaches in the first place. Adjust to your pie needs. It works out to about a peach per pie.

Think about it, though, wherever you are just now, you’re only 20 minutes from peach pie. So, things are lookin’ up.

2016_Sunshine Signature_grey burst

Credit: All images and writing by Brianna Wray for Wrays of Sunshine. 

Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.

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