Happy Halloweekend

Ruby Rhod: Boba Boba, omg Boba this is supposed to be Phloston Paradise!

Boba Fett: silent

Ruby Rhod: You’re right, Boba. Let’s get some food.

[at Ezell’s]


Ruby Rhod: Whachu want?


Boba Fett: silently looks at menu

Ruby Rhod: Zzz zzt-zzt ‘schuss me. 4 piece chicken dinner, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, Dr Pepper, sweet tea

Ezell’s Employee: How would you like your chicken?

Boba Fett: silent

Ruby Rhod: I want it hot. I want it hotter than hot! I want it HAWT HAWT HAWT!!! Side of hot sauce.

Boba Fett: silently devours chicken

Happy Halloweekend, if you celebrate such foolery. Most people partied Saturday, but we got ours in quick Friday night. There’s so much work to be done, but you know we’re all about squeezing in some fun. Here’s us versus our characters:

No pictures of the chicken, of course. The lighting was so terrible and then all of a sudden it was GONE. And the rolls. And the mac & cheese. Not so much the mashed potatoes.


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Sh*t That Makes Me Smile: Tiny Rubber Chicken

Every now and then the silly gets in. And what’s especially funny is no one knows where this little chicken came from. Matt found it in his work apron, I think, then hid it for me to find. Just tiny. Just wee. Cracks me up!

Tiny Rubber Chicken

You can get your tiny rubber chicken needs fulfilled at Archie McPhee.

What’s got you giggling these days?

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I’m taking a class called 30-60-90 Identity & the Moving Image. It encompasses a lot of big ideas about gender, representation and politics, solidifying the knowledge attained with practical exercises in 30, 60 and 90 second formats.

Our first assignment, Derive, is a self-portrait with no other limitations other than 30 seconds. I had a lot of big ideas, but a $0 budget and very little time. Due to all these restraints, my conclusion was to cut to the basics.

I am soothed by trees and water. I live in the light. My life is musical and that music is created with love by us. I took a very direct approach to the assignment, but considering I have little to no skills in the realm of video, I’m proud of the outcome.

Lemme know what you think! Have you made any video self portraits. How would you define yourself in such a short amount of time? Follow Wrays of Sunshine on Youtube for more videos! There’s a trip to Sunshiny Florida and a music video for To the Death.


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Painting: Carried Away

Carried Away comes from a place of raw, unshaded light. We each of us have a personal kernel and can seek out the complimentarily sparkling kernels and, together, shine even brighter. In oil on loose canvas, from the depth of abstraction, figures appear. One strong-backed male carrying a burning goddess on a breeze.

We are not certain that their relationship is appropriate, but we do know it’s not our business. We look anyway. And what we see in abstraction shifts even under our gaze, squirming to be some other image, like finding bunnies in the clouds in the sky; its perked ears turning to peace sign fingers, then  just cirrus.

Figural paintings attempt to recreate the feeling their subject carried at that point in time. To paint abstractly is to push the feeling directly from painter to viewer. I pass to you the parting of the clouds, the warming of cheeks, the heat for your kernel.


Carried Away | 18″ x 24″ | oil paint on unstretched canvas | 2016

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Image & Text: Carried Away by Brianna Wray Wrays of Sunshine | Purchase a digital print of Carried Away

Samantha Keely Smith’s Marvelous Abstractions

Ventured to the art library the other day in search of historic abstract landscapes, classic ones. I was looking to flex my languishing art history muscles, hoping to hold in my hand a physical tactile textual book. When asked the librarian said—mind you not an intern, or a part-time, or a work-study—the librarian said, I dunno. And left it at that. So I brought the search to the internet where I was buried in everything I wasn’t looking for. The search broadened, why was I limiting myself to classical work at all? Just when I thought I’d get lost in a deluge of contemporary artists, boom, that’s it—that’s when my eyes found these paintings.


They’re the work of Samantha Keely Smith, a New York City based painter who is originally from Harlow, Essex, England. Her work serves as “an investigation of the struggle between a variety of human impulses: impulses that are as necessary as they are contradictory.”


Somewhere between the carefully considered compositions, the intermixture of mark-making and soothing palette choices, my eye is upset and reconciled. Teased and appeased.


They’re just genuinely pleasant to look at. Thought I’d share. But these are just a few of my personal favorites. Get over to Samantha Keely Smith’s website and find yours.


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Cantos | 50″ x 84″ | oil and varnish on canvas | 2011

Mutiny | 60” x 72” | oil and varnish on canvas | 2012

Asunder | 56″ x 64″| oil and varnish on canvas | 2006

Headlong | 56″ x 72″ | oil on canvas with varnish | 2015


Credit: All images belong to the Artist, Samantha Keely Smith, published with permission granted on the contingency that we link back to the original post which we are more than happy to do. Visit her site, buy her art.

Favorite Halloween Movies

Can you believe it’s October 2016?! Seems like time is flying by around here. But that’s alright, we’ve got choice—I mean strictly top shelf entertainment to get us by. Do you know what you’ll be for Halloween this year? Are people done dressing up? I’m not. And the feeling is certainly showing no sign of slowing. [RIP Gene Wilder] I have some costume ideas, but let’s see how the execution of said ideas goes.

  1. Practical Magic
  2. Halloweentown I & Halloweentown II Kazbar’s Revenge
  3. Tales from the Crypt – the tv series
  4. Young Frankenstein [Oh Gene!]
  5. Death Becomes Her
  6. Drop Dead Gorgeous
  7. the Witches
  8. Rocky Horror Picture Show
  9. the Addams Family
  10. Adams Family Values
  11. Death Proof
  12. Monster House
  13. The Thing
  14. Swamp Thing – the series
  15. the Craft
  16. Harry Potter
  17. Shaun of the Dead
  18. the Birds
  19. the Witches of Eastwick
  20. Ash vs Evil Dead
  21. the Simpsons’ Tree House of Horror
  22. Casper
  23. Beetlejuice
  24. Thriller
  25. Ghostbusters
  26. Coraline
  27. Clue
  28. Ju-On: the Grudge
  29. OldBoy
  30. Hocus Pocus

I wanted to get this post up in plenty of time so you can get in the mood before all Hallows spooks us into Thanksgiving. What are you favorite flicks? Did I miss any?

Holla! I mean booooooooooooo!