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Happy Halloweekend

Ruby Rhod: Boba Boba, omg Boba this is supposed to be Phloston Paradise!

Boba Fett: silent

Ruby Rhod: You’re right, Boba. Let’s get some food.

[at Ezell’s]


Ruby Rhod: Whachu want?


Boba Fett: silently looks at menu

Ruby Rhod: Zzz zzt-zzt ‘schuss me. 4 piece chicken dinner, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, Dr Pepper, sweet tea

Ezell’s Employee: How would you like your chicken?

Boba Fett: silent

Ruby Rhod: I want it hot. I want it hotter than hot! I want it HAWT HAWT HAWT!!! Side of hot sauce.

Boba Fett: silently devours chicken

Happy Halloweekend, if you celebrate such foolery. Most people partied Saturday, but we got ours in quick Friday night. There’s so much work to be done, but you know we’re all about squeezing in some fun. Here’s us versus our characters:

No pictures of the chicken, of course. The lighting was so terrible and then all of a sudden it was GONE. And the rolls. And the mac & cheese. Not so much the mashed potatoes.


2016_Sunshine Signature_grey burst


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