Meet: Jennifer Wee

We met on a rainy day. I was under the safety of my black umbrella when I was joined by one Jennifer Wee. And, here’s the thing, I’m friendly as hell, but the modern umbrella is a further expression of one’s bubble. One does not simply enter anyone’s bubble. Yet there she was, comfortably in my bosom, so to speak. Her presence has since been a welcome one, which is a less stalker version of saying I make sure we’re in at least one class together every quarter. But she’s more than a great bubble buddy, she’s an artist, too! Meet: Jennifer Wee

State your name for the record, please. 

For the Record,
I am Jennifer Wee.
What media do you work with?

I work mostly in photography, but I have been branching into video. I
also very secretly enjoy 3D scrapbook-y art collages of doom and
drawing when no one is looking.
Which is your favorite?

Photography is by far my favorite. In fact, it was a conscious
decision on my part to spend more of my time away from developing
other skills and interests in favor or pushing my photography further
What about the quality of photography helps you express yourself?

I’d like to say that the tools don’t make the photographer because
they don’t. Really, they don’t. But I’ll throw my phone at you if you
suggest I do any amount of serious work using that thing. The further
photography develops, and the more control I have over it makes me
fall in love with the medium more every time I pick up that
slightly-too-heavy camera. Who cares if I have to trek through a
forest with a giant tripod and a heavy backpack filled with lenses. It
beats a portable shit-mera. (Shit-camera. Shit-mera.) (Also, with
control, you can play with intentionally under exposure which is a
blast to work with in photoshop.)
How does craftsmanship fit into your practice?

Craftmanship? What’s that? I’m very self-taught, but I’ve been doing
this for over eight years. Naturally one of the last things I figured
out is that your camera has a light meter that saves you unnecessary
(and excessive) time/effort in Photoshop. And naturally still, since
it was one of the last things I learned, I spent a majority of those
years in frustration and unholy determination (I’m born stubborn)
working through Photoshop until I breathed it into my very essence. As
a result, a lot of my work tends to be more transformative relying a
lot on interesting Photoshop tricks and effects.
What are your favorite projects you’ve worked on, or do you even have favorites?

I always have favorites, and they’re usually my most recent, but I’m
still in love with my bugs and latex project. Actually, I desperately
want to revisit that series with more bugs and new models. In
particular, I’d love to find a skeletal sickly anorexic person for
some of my bugs, as well as someone tall with an hourglass figure and
rolls and rolls of fat. Because I want to capture the “ugly” bodies as
something beautiful and breathtaking, and just a little alien.
How did you know you were an artist?

I don’t know I’m an artist, still, so I can’t answer when I found out.
I actually want to be a fashion photographer. I love interesting
designers such as Alexander McQueen and Fendi, and I would absolutely
love to capture them with my camera. My interests have always been
fairly commercial, and I’ve gotten a lot of flack for not being
more… well… exactly opposite that. But I like what I do, and I
like where I want to take it so if that means I’m not an “artist,”
that’s fine.

Oh, she’s an artist. Yeah, I said. Ar-tist. See more of Jennifer’s work. What do you think? I dig the latex and ethereal aesthetic she’s got going on. Thanks for visiting Wrays of Sunshine, y’all. Need more? Meet: Justin Blackwell, Tamblyn Gawley, Iris Scott, Scott Dalrymple or Lauren Napier.
Photos of Jennifer by Brianna Wray, all other images provided by the artist. Go to her website! Commission photoshoots!

Author: Brianna Wray

I'm an artist in Seattle just living the dream.


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