Imminent Mode: Revolution Resist

Adé Cônnére hosted and toured us through this street front runway fashion experience and the looks were to be admired. Dresses made to move held up by womxn ready to resist.


I was there to see Amanda Franz and Devon Yan’s post-apocalyptic hive queen look and I was not disappointed. Rae showed up to shoot the look and ended modeling instead. The candids are always my favorite. Shout out to all the Chihuly fam in and around the building.



8 Years

Celebrating eight years in Seattle as of October 13th, 2017. Thinking about changes and times and especially about exciting new dynamics for our work and life in general.

Seattle’s summers are perfect, but it’s the Fall that woos you into believing the Winter will never come. Fall is so good here you can forget how long Spring drags on.

Eight years later everything looks different. There’s a whole new route to downtown. The Space Needle is undergoing its first renovation since its inception. We’re coping with pie.

My neighbor’s scarecrows are so good they’ve been scaring us for two days straight. There are three of them and they have [fake] cockroaches as pets.

It’s perfectly exactly cape weather outside which makes a lady like me get witchy.